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Bowling Safety Rules

General Bowling Rules

  • Customers are permitted to bowl in their own shoes provided they are suitable. No heels or hard soled shoes are allowed. Bowling shoes are available on request.
  • Ensure that all young children are supervised at all times·      
  • Do not step over the black line at the start of the lane as the lanes are extremely slippery
  • Do not place your hand inside the ball return at any time. If a ball doesn’t return fully then please ask a staff member to assist you.      
  • Please report any spillages in the Centre to a member of staff
  • Bowling balls can be quite heavy. Pick an appropriate weight and lift up the balls carefully with both hands. Young children should only use the lightweight balls.
  • Only one bowler should be on the bowling approach at any one time
  • Our Bowling Staff are available at all times to assist you and to help you make the most of your visit