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Public Session Times W/C 5th December

Monday 5th December 1pm-4pm
Tuesday 6th December 1pm-4pm
Wednesday 7th December 1pm-4pm
Thursday 8th December 1pm-4pm
Friday 9th December 1pm-4pm
Saturday 10th December 11.30am-1pm
1.30pm-3pm (Skate With Santa)
3.30pm-5pm (Skate With Santa)
Sunday 11th December 11.30am-1pm

Session Descriptions

Quieter Session

If you are looking for quieter ice time, this is the session for you! There is no DJ entertainment, just some background music to create a little atmosphere while you skate. Skating aids are available during the session. This is an ASD friendly session  and is ideal session for those who prefer a quieter skate.

Full house lights operate during this session with no disco effects. 

Family Fun

The perfect ice skating experience for families and young children. Enjoy a fun filled DJ entertainment session with lots of pop hits combined with on ice games, quizzes and various challenges. Plus there are lots of prizes to be won! A wide selection of skating aids are also available to help younger children build their confidence on the ice.

Full house lights operate during this session with the added effect of disco lights.

Pop & Chart

This is the session for those who like a disco on ice experience. The house lights are off, and the disco lights are on and in full effect. You can also ask the DJ to play your favourite song from the 80's, 90's, 00,s,10's, and today, or maybe even make a request for family and friends. This session is very popular with birthday parties.  Skating aids are also available during the session.

Full disco lights operate during this session.

 Club & Dance

Enjoy nightclub effects on the ice with old skool dance classics and current hits with resident DJs. This is the ultimate dance music session with disco lights and maximum sound levels! This session is best suited for teenagers and adults of all ages who want to enjoy a dance party night on the ice!

Full disco lights operate during this session. Skating aids are permitted during this session.