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Ice Skating Lessons

Learn to Skate courses for 24th, 25th & 26th February will open at 10am on Monday 9th January 2023.

Ice Skating Lessons (6 week course)Price
Learn to Skate Programme ( 5 years +) £60
Ice Tots (3 & 4 years)£50

Have a watch of our new Learn to Skate video below which shows snippets of what you can expect when commencing a course of ice skating lessons.


All ice skating courses consist of half hour sessions over a period of six weeks with an NISA qualified coach. 
Courses cater for beginners and help skaters progress from Grade 1 to Grade 8 

Grades One to Five

Grade OneGrade TwoGrade ThreeGrade FourGrade Five
Basic Forwards, two foot glide, stopForward skating (no toe pushing)Forward slalomsBasic forward edges on one or two feetForward crossovers
Forward skating into a dipSimple stationary two foot turnStationary two foot 180° turnOne foot forward inside edgesOne foot forward outside edges
Forward lemonsBasic backward skatingBackward skating, two foot glide, stopForward chassesBackward chasses
Falling down and getting up unaidedForward two foot curveForward one foot glideBackward one foot glide•Moving forward and backward two foot turns

Grades Six to Eight

Grade SixGrade SevenGrade Eight
Backward crossoversForward outside change of edgeForward inside change of edge
Backward inside edge, step forwardLanding position, step forwardForward inside mohawk
Forward cross rolls Backward cross rollsBasic forward inside twizzle
Forward outside three turnForward inside three turnSimple sequence, linking at least 3 chosen elements

​Tips for a Fun & Safe Skating Session

  • Wear comfortable clothing - not too tight but not too baggy
  • Gloves will keep your hands warm and provide protection if you fall
  • Wear comfortable socks
  • Do not wear a scarf - it could be dangerous to you and others
  • Tie your skates up to your ankle to ensure maximum comfort
  • Before getting onto the ice, try walking around to get used to the feel and weight of your skates
  • Whilst safety gear is not provided, patrons are welcome to bring their own eg, helmets, elbows and knee pads.