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Please read our updated COVID regulations below before your visit. 

For the comfort and enjoyment of all our customers, Dundonald International Ice Bowl ask all visitors to Indiana Land adhere to our simple rules of play.

Rules of Play - Indiana Land

  1. A height restriction of 5ft and an age restriction of 12 years applies to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all the children. 
  2. No running
  3. No shoes
  4. No bare feet
  5. No throwing balls
  6. No food or drink should be taken into the play areas.
  7. No chewing gum
  8. No walking up slides
  9. No loitering (playing) at the bottom of the freefall/slides.
  10. No infants to be taken down the freefall – this slide is for children aged 6+ years
  11. No shoes by either children or adults can be worn on the play equipment.
  12. Socks must be worn at all times.
  13. Jewellery should be removed and pockets empty.
  14. Children under 4 years are not permitted on the upper floors unless accompanied by an adult.
  15. Please put rubbish into the bins provided.
  16. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult/guardian for the duration of their session.
  17. All children remain the responsibility of the accompanying adult.
  18. Extending your playtime will incur the appropriate charges.
  19. We do not permit parents to use the play equipment
  20. Under no circumstances should children be allowed to engage in rowdy behaviour.
  21. Dundonald International Ice Bowl does not accept responsibility for personal belongings such as shoes/birthday presents/hand bags etc.
  22. Rubbish must be disposed of in bins provided.
  23. Football/rugby jerseys are not recommended as the material is easily ripped due to friction on the slides and equipment. 
  24. Due to H&S, children should wear long sleeved tops, trousers/socks or skirt/tights. Shorts/T-shirts are not recommended.


  1. Slides can cause friction burns, children should wear long sleeved tops, trousers/socks or skirt/tights. Shorts/T-shirts are not recommended.

Birthday Parties

  1. Parent/guardian hosting party must supervise children in play areas/party room at all times.
  2. Dundonald International Ice Bowl does not accept responsibility for loss of birthday presents etc.
  3. Party poppers/streamers are not permitted in play area or party room.
  4. Children are not permitted to re enter the play area after eating in their designated party room.

In addition to the above rules of play, customers are asked to make themselves familar with our new COVID regulations:

  1. All sessions must be pre-booked and paid online. See here for revised prices.  Walk-ins will be permitted subject to availability and operate on a first come, first served basis. All customers must provide necessary contact details for Track and Trace purposes. 
  2. Dundonald Ice Bowl will operate, as far as possible, as a cashless venue. We would prefer transactions made at the main reception desk to be contactless for any walk-in customers.
  3. Where possible, we request only 1 supervising adult per party of children. This is due to numbers within the centre being reduced and restricted. 
  4. Please remember if you are booking a child into Indiana Land, you will also need to book a place for an accompanying adult. There will be no charge for the accompanying adult but it is essential to include yourself in the booking so as we can accurately restrict numbers into the session to keep everyone safe. 
  5. After every play session, Indiana Land will close for a 30 minute sanitisation in line with our current enhanced cleaning schedules throughout the centre
  6. We would ask that, in order to help prevent the spread of Covid 19, visitors to Indiana Land display responsible behaviour to other users throughout your visit. 
  7. Wear a face covering, unless you are exempt from wearing one, when entering and exiting our centres and within all public areas such as foyer, reception and concourse spaces.  All guests aged over 12 will be required to wear a face covering during the session and when moving throughout Indiana Land, all play areas and toilet facilities. However, face coverings can be removed when seated at your table with members from your own social bubble.
  8. Customers should use the hand sanitising stations available throughout the centre and on entry and exit to Indiana Land.  Sanitising stations are available thoughout Indiana Land and in the toilets.
  9. Perspex screens have been installed at our reception to help protect both our staff and customers. 
  10. Children’s shoes will continue to be collected at Indiana Land reception desk with covid measures put in place. Staff will be wearing gloves and face coverings.
  11. Some sofas and coffee tables have been removed to allow for social distancing of those remaining. Tables and chairs should not be moved.  Please follow all guidance from our staff in order to make your visit a safe and enjoyable experience for all.
  12. Tables will only be cleaned after each session to avoid face to face close contact with Indiana Land staff. During your session we would politely ask that parents/guardians/carers dispose of all litter including any protective wear, such as face coverings or gloves, properly in the “black bin” litter bins provided throughout Indiana Land. 
  13. Once inside Indiana Land customers should remain with their group, and maintain appropriate social distance to individuals and groups outside their own.
  14. Toilet facilities will operate as normal, however we would ask that you maintain social distancing whilst doing so. The wash basins will be segregated off to allow people to remain socially distanced from other fellow patrons who may also be using the toilet facilities at the time. We would recommend that children under 7 are accompanied to the toilet to assist them with social distancing and to ensure adequate hand washing. Older children should be reminded of hand washing procedures before using the toilets.
  15. Only food and drink purchased within the centre should be consumed on the premises. This excludes baby food, fruit, water and allergy foods which should be mentioned on entry at reception. Absolutely no food or drink should be brought into any of the play areas.
  16. We understand that adults will need to assist small children and toddlers in our toddler areas. However we would ask that parents/guardians remain conscious of other users and mindful of a need to limit numbers to these areas. Our staff will closely monitor these areas to ensure that social distancing is being adhered to in a fair and consistent manner. We would like to remind all adults that for hygiene purposes ALL shoes must be removed before entering any of the children’s play areas. 
  17. We would remind all adults and children not to put their mouths on any of the play equipment/frames or their hands in their mouths.
  18. On the first floor of Indiana Land we would encourage independent play for children aged 4 and over. Adults, where possible, should not enter the frame. If a child is in distress or needs initial help with navigation adults are, of course, welcome to do this but please be mindful of social distancing.
  19. Due to government advice unfortunately we have had to remove all balls from our ball pools. As soon as is possible, this will return with increased sanitising measures put in place.  For any children who may be particularly sensitive to certain noises, ear defenders will be available to borrow during your visit. Please speak to a member of Indiana Land staff on your arrival, however we would encourage parents/guardians/carers to bring your own at this time given the current Government guidance in relation to Covid-19. 
  20. There will be an overall increase in sanitising throughout Indiana Land. Whilst we will endeavour to minimise any disruption to our customers there may be occasions when certain areas may need to be cordoned off to enable this sanitising.

Customers are reminded that they should not travel to centres if they or anyone in their household have Covid-19 symptoms.  If a customer feels unwell during their visit, they are advised to speak to the Duty Manager on site immediately.