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Rules of Play - Indiana Land 

For the comfort and enjoyment of all our customers, Dundonald International Ice Bowl ask all visitors to Indiana Land adhere to our simple rules of play.

  1. A height restriction of 5ft and an age restriction of 11 years and under applies to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all the children.
  2. No shoes. Socks are essential
  3. No food or drink should be taken into the play areas.
  4. No walking up slides
  5. Children must be aged 6+ year to use the Freefall
  6. Children under 4 years are not permitted on the upper floors unless accompanied by an adult.
  7. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult/guardian for the duration of their session.
  8. We do not permit parents to use the play equipment
  9. Children should wear long sleeved tops, trousers/socks or skirt/tights. Shorts/T-shirts and sports tops are not recommended.

Birthday Parties

  1. Parent/guardian hosting party must supervise children in play areas/party room at all times.
  2. Dundonald International Ice Bowl does not accept responsibility for loss of birthday presents etc.
  3. Party poppers/streamers/pinatas are not permitted in play area or party room.
  4. Children are not permitted to re enter the play area after eating in their designated party room.