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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is Billy Neill MBE Country Park?

    The Park is situated between Dundonald and Comber, along the Comber Greenway. The Gym is upstairs in the Pavilion, overlooking beautiful views, vast outdoor greenspace and large parklands, including a number of football pitches, a large pond and rolling hills.   

  • Can I use the gym if I am a current Vitality Member?

    Yes, though you will have to complete a gym induction first. Just book online or via the Vitality App. Once your induction is complete you can book gym sessions online via the App or website.   

  • Which other facilities are available to me/us as part of the Vitality Membership package?

    The Vitality Gym at Billy Neill will make 7 facilities available as part of our Vitality Membership. The others include Dundonald International Ice Bowl, Lagan Valley LeisurePlex, Lough Moss Leisure Centre and 3 Activity Centres, Glenmore, Grove and Kilmakee.

  • Will there be fitness classes that I can attend as well?

    Yes. Although there is limited indoor space at the site, we intend to run a comprehensive programme of classes to complement our new Gym. We hope to run outdoor classes at Billy Neill with future plans to include our 60 square metre balcony at the Gym for some smaller classes.  

  • I am currently not a Vitality member, but can I join or use the facility on a casual basis?

    Yes, these options are available. You can sign up as a casual user. Contact the centre for further details.

  • Can I cancel my Vitality Membership at any time?

    Yes, you can cancel Vitality Membership at any time. Please put your request in writing to:

  • I have Vitality Household Membership. How many in my family can use the gym?

    Up to 2 Adults and 5 children, depending on your child(ren)’s age. You must be 16 years or over to use the gym without an adult present. Children 12 years+ must be accompanied by a responsible adult, but can use the gym only until 6.00pm. Most classes apply the same stipulation. 

  • Are changing rooms available?

    Yes, there are changing rooms with shower and locker facilities available. Toilets are always available. During football season, changing rooms may not be available on Saturdays.

  • Do I need to live in Lisburn & Castlereagh to become a Vitality Member?

    No anyone can become a member! 

  • Who is entitled to a concession membership?

    Persons who show evidence of being 0ver 60, Under 18 years, or who are in full-time education, disabled or in receipt of specified benefits. 

  • Do the children in a Household membership have to be related?

    No, but they do have to live at the same address. 

  • How many children can be included in a Household Membership?

    A maximum of 5 children (0-17 years) can be included as long as evidence is provided that they live at the same address.