Dundonald International Ice Bow

Wildcats Activ8 Club

The Castlereagh Activ8 Wildcats Clubs are on the PROWL and ready to ROAR in Dundonald International Ice Bowl!!!!

Activ8 Wildcats Clubs


The Activ8 Wildcats Clubs are an excellent way to develop children’s skills for sport and confidence in a fun, safe and challenging way. There are a range of activities available which will develop your child’s agility, balance, co-ordination, thinking and body movement. All clubs are delivered by fully qualified and specialist trainers and are available to children aged 4-11 years.


Activ8 Wildcats Clubs will start again on Tuesdays from 24th September at Dundonald International Ice Bowl !




3:30pm – 4:30pm




Individual Session: £2.50


10 week block of sessions: £20


Family Rate: 1st Child £20 and £15 for each subsequent child



For further information or register please download our application form and return it to Dundonald International Ice Bowl.


Alternatively for further information contact Faron Morrison on 028 9081 1969 or email faronmorrison@castlereagh.gov.uk, or contact Dundonald International Ice Bowl directly.


Activ8 Clubs are also available at Lough Moss Leisure Centre on Fridays, the Robinson Centre on Fridays, Belvoir Activity Centre on Thursdays.